Nancy Planeta

Name: Nancy "The WiccanVixen" (Vix) Planeta

Position: Lead Researcher/Investigator

Bio: Nancy is better known as the WiccanVixen or "Vix" in the paranormal arena. She is the Host and Owner of the radio show "The Vixens Vault" which airs a two hour program weekly on several radio networks. She has been featured on many radio programs as well as served as an adviser on several cases which were later featured on TV's "Ghost Hunters" on the SyFy Channel, as well as has filmed with Univision. She has been in the field of the paranormal for over 20 years and is adviser for over 50 paranormal teams both nationally and internationally, and has background in the legal, medical, as well as property management fields which taught her many of the construction, environmental, and physical issues which can be used to debunk or develop theories when on investigations. Her approach in the field is a mixture of science, metaphysics and psychology with tremendous research into areas that most investigators never think to look. She is widely known and called upon to be inclusive in cases which deal with ancient or religious symbols as she has vast knowledge in that area. Nancy believes that each paranormal case should be constructed as a 'profile' similar to the techniques that the FBI and law enforcement use. She has "no holds barred" attitude that fits in with the team. While many women seem to stand outside the "man's world" of the Paranormal.. Nancy has no issues fitting in, nor making her presence known in a commanding way.

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